Sunday, August 15, 2010


Going behind the blog..

Greetings from da.Femme!

If you are wondering, da.Femme is started by 2 girls; namely Adelyn and Lovelle. We both have different personalities and interests but our undying strong passion and love for fashion, cosmetics and the latest trend around the world leads us to this review blog today. Under your permission, we would like to be your next hottest review blog!

This is a review blog created to help blogshop owners to promote their blogshop and to work as an e-guide for shoppers out there. da.Femme also provide advertising services for all blogshop owners. Please refer to this for clearer information.

Product reviews are also done. We are not affiliated with any products unless stated. All reviews are given based on our 101% honest opinion.

If you have any enquiry, drop us a lovemail at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

To all readers/blogshop owners, our sincere apologies when we are not able to return your emails or update the blog. This is just something we do part time therefore we cannot afford to put it as our first priority as studies comes in the way as well. Please be understanding.

We may not be recognize just yet but please do give us a chance to prove it!

Happy reading ;)

Love, da.Femme

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