Sunday, September 12, 2010

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The Fashion Challenge: My Dream Dress

If you ever have a flair for design, but don’t have quite the cuts to take your designs from paper to reality –this is the competition for you. So here we are; graciously presented to you by Emcee Couture –The Fashion Challenge: My Dream Dress. You heard it right girls, those hands that made those delish and vibrant dresses of Emcee Couture could be making your dream dress. Interested? Excited? Can’t wait? You are just three steps away from your dream dress, so get your inner Vera Wang or even Donna Karan out and be the envy of your friends! ;)

Step One:
Be a follower of Emcee Couture facebook page and never miss out an update again!

Step Two:
Get out your inner stylista! Style yourself in the most Emcee Couture way and post your picture at the Emcee Couture Facebook page! Even better, if it is an Emcee Couture original! ;) You can use any props to funkify your picture (a Porsche car at the back, the sunset skyline of KL, go wild! Think America’s Next Top Model creative!) And be sure to include a sign that says, ‘I want my Dream Dress from Emcee Couture!’ Deadline by 31/10/2010.

OR if you are too shy ;P

You can write about Emcee Couture in your personal blog/facebook wall, why do you love Emcee Couture or why do you want your dream dress from Emcee Couture!
Don’t forget to post the link to Emcee Couture’s Facebook page! Deadline by 31/10/2010.

Step Three:
Each entry must be accompanied by a minimum purchase of RM 80, which could be accumulated, from today until 31st of October 2010. Isn’t this amazing!?
Don’t forget to remark your participation intentions in the order form!
Deadline by 31/10/2010.

By the end of it, ONE chosen winner from all participants will be offered an opportunity to send in, up to three pictures of apparels of her choice and ONE of the three will be chosen to be made according to the measurements provided. There will be no charges for the dress and it will be sent to you FOC!

So don’t think twice darlings!
Enter now! Win yourself, your friends, your girlfriends or your family an opportunity to have her very own dream dress.

Terms and Conditions:
1. The judging panel will have every right to disqualify any entries that did not satisfy the required criteria of the competition. Make sure all three steps are followed to ensure a valid entry.
2. Entries must not include any political, racial, religious or any sensitive issues that may cause discomfort of the public.
3. The results of the judging will be final. Emcee Couture reserves the right to make any ONE of the few designs submitted.
4. Free postage is within Malaysia only, International participants are encouraged to join and postage fee is self-borne.
5. Upon completion, the winning design for “My dream dress” belongs to Emcee Couture and it reserves any right for any remaking.
6. Entries will be closed on the 31/10/2010.

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Loves, da.Femme

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