Sunday, July 10, 2011

Now blogshops owners can spread messages easily to notify all the other blogshop owners about backout buyers! It is a YSK campaign by Your Shopping Kaki.

"Hey lovely shopaholics and blogshops owner,

Recently, blogshops' owner been facing with quite a few numbers of backout buyers which this give highly impact on the sales of the blogshops. Therefore, this blog is made for the owner of blogshops to send in the email add or contact no. of the so-called backout buyer so that other blogshops will be warn by this people as well. Let us make this online shopping an enjoyable experience for all and that blogshops owner can serve lovely shopaholics a better services."

-- We Hate Backout Buyers!


RM 20

RM 50

RM 46

RM 23

RM 18

RM 18

Loves, da.Femme

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